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The story of Lord Buddha is told by the elders of our village that Lord Buddha reached near Shri Ramjanaki temple in our village Dhanahan via Usmanpur Veerbhari Garden via Dhortaap Matihiniya Bamwa. There is a very big pond which is clean and tidy even at this time. The temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman is also situated there. Lord Buddha ji also rested there for the night, his health was also a little bad. There he also preached to the people of our village. Then there is also a Bhita in our village which is very big. An old brick and stone idol was found there. Late Ramnagina Rai ji of our village took that idol to Kushinagar and deposited it. There is a very beautiful pond near that Bhita and in which the place of a well is visible. The place of getting up and down in it is made of old bricks. At this place it is told by our old elders that Lord Buddha went to Kukuttha Ghat via Puraina Ghat on this way, there also Chati Ghat is built. It is also told on the bhita of our village that he preached to the people of our village. It is told by our forefathers that he also gave very good sermons. told by the ancestors. That Lord Buddha had come to this earth and preached to his disciples also.


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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest Airport is Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, which is approximately 18 Kilometers from Dhanhan.

By Train

The nearest Railway Station is Deoria Sadar, approx 50 Kilometres from Dhanhan.

By Road

Dhanhan Kushinagar is situated 6 km south of Madhuriya Police Post. To reach this Place Auto-rickshaws and by own convenes. Roadways buses are also running from Kushinagar and Deoria regularly.