About District

Kushinagar and Kasia Bazar is a town and a historical place located in the north-eastern marginal area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. The name “Kasia Bazar” has been changed to Kushinagar and after that “Kasia Bazar” has officially become a municipality with the name “Kushinagar”. This is a Buddhist pilgrimage where Gautam Buddha had Mahaparinirvana. Kushinagar is located on National Highway 28, about 50 km east of Gorakhpur. There are many beautiful Buddhist temples here. For this reason, it is also an international tourist destination where Buddhists pilgrims from all over the world come for excursions. After the Kushinagar town and eastwards, Bihar state starts about 20 km.

There are also Buddha Postgraduate Colleges, Buddha Intermediate College and many small schools. The area around Kushinagar is mainly agricultural. Bhojpuri is a popular spoken language. Here are main crops of wheat, paddy, sugarcane etc.

On the occasion of Buddha Purnima, there is a month’s fair in Kushinagar. Although this shrine is related to Mahatma Buddha, the surrounding area is Hindu dominated. In this fair, the people around the place participate with complete reverence and perform puja and worship in various temples. Nobody is sure that Buddha is their ‘God’.
Kushinagar district belongs to the Gorakhpur division. This area was formerly known as Kushinara where Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana took place. The administrative division of Kushinagar district is in Padrauna. Area is 2,873.5 square kilometers (1,109.5 square miles), then the population is 3,560,830 (2011). Literacy rate is 67.66 percent and sex ratio is 955. This is a Lok Sabha constituency, then seven Assembly constituencies – Fazilnagar, Khida, Ramkola, Hata, Kasia, Padrauna, Tamakhi Raj. There are 6 tehsils in the district – Padrauna, Kushinagar, Hatta, Tamkihiraj, Khida, Kaptanganj and 14 block are – Padrauna, Bishanpura, Kushinagar, Hata, Motichak, Saverhi, Nebula, Narangia, Khida, Dudhi, Fazil Nagar, Sukrauli, Kaptanganj , Ramkola and Tamkhuiraj The number of villages in the district is 1447.