An official Census 2011 detail of Kushinagar, a district of Uttar Pradesh has been released by Directorate of Census Operations in Uttar Pradesh. Enumeration of key persons was also done by census officials in Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh.

In 2011, Kushinagar had population of 3564544 of which male and female were 1818055 and 1746489 respectively. In 2001 census, Kushinagar had a population of 2893196 of which males were 1473637 and remaining 1419559 were females. Kushinagar District population constituted 1.78 percent of total Maharashtra population. In 2001 census, this figure for Kushinagar District was at 1.74 percent of Maharashtra population.

There was change of 23.20 percent in the population compared to population as per 2001. In the previous census of India 2001, Kushinagar District recorded increase of 28.23 percent to its population compared to 1991.