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Village Panchayat Bailey Bakulhar Development Block Fazilnagar Tehsil Kasya District Kushinagar Revenue Village Bakulhar kla Post Belwa Factory Police Station Patherwa  Block Fazilnagar. The well-known Ghordhap located in Tehsil Kasya district Kushinagar, whose Gata number is 364/5.062 is marked in the account of the pond, on the southern bank of which the office of the State Nursery Garden Department is situated at present. The photo of the spot is attached. And the garden department nursery is located on the northern side. In which the plant is sold at the government rate. Madrasa is operated on the eastern side and rest of the nursery work is done on the western side. It is the belief of the historians and according to the legends of the ancestors, Lord Buddha Veerbhari Tola whose present name is Usmanpur Gram Panchayat. From there, Lord Buddha went directly to Dhoddhap Pokhara, which is still famous as 52 Bighe Pond, but after reaching it, he traveled around the pond, at that time there were seven wells in the middle of the pond. Whose water was taken by Lord Buddha, after which Lord Buddha preached to the villagers on the ancient Shiv temple Bakulhar Kala and the ancient mound located next to it and after taking food, rested for the night, Dhoddhap has been famous since ancient times. If digging is done in the present time, then seven wells will be found on the spot. According to the legend, God left for the Kukuttha river after giving his sermon, after that Kushinagar gave up his life in Rambhar Stup. Lord Mahavira who was the originator of Jainism and Lord Buddha belonged to Buddhism. Here, a monument has been built on the mound in Yathiyav, where Buddhist and Jain tourists from the country and abroad come, Dhordhap is located just 4 kilometers away from here. Kushinagar Pavananagar is located on NH 28, its Veerbhari Tola, where 100 idols were recovered during excavation at present, it is located just 3 kilometers away from Dhordhap. If the overall development of Dhordhap Pokhara is done from the tourist point of view, then foreign tourists keep coming here too. Will remain Due to which there will be proper development of the area. World famous Kushinagar is the parinirvana place of Lord Buddha. There are many Buddhist places near this, the administration is requested to get the development work done at its level and take further action for the Buddhist place.
brief history
Published in the newspapers and contact with the local elders who are alive, it has come to know that in ancient times, following the ancient Uttarapath route, Lord Buddha reached the ancient places here. Received from Lord Buddha’s arrival.
It is common . That any person goes through the prevalent path and convenient path of the then time. This was the reason that Lord Buddha had come to the places like Pava (present name Usmanpur) through the trade route known as Uttarapatha prevalent in those times.
History believes that while coming from the east-south corner of these places, the first place named Bhongnagar (present-day Badurao) was found, where Pava (present-day Veer Bhari Tila Usmanpur) reached Pava (present-day Veer Bhari Tila Usmanpur) while preaching to the disciples.
After staying at Pava, worshiper Chund, a resident of Chundasthan, who is currently in Farendhao village, invited Lord Buddha for food. The next morning, Lord Buddha had food with his disciples and fell ill. Walking from there, Dhaddhap reached between Bakulhar village and Weili, who were thirsty due to heat. That’s why disciples should drink water after asking for water with joy. This water drinking place is today Sonra Nala, which is located on the west side of Belwa Kala, east of Baili.
Walking from here Lord Buddha reached Kulkula (Kukuvya) Puraina Ghat and after stopping there drank the last water of life and after taking last bath left from there and reached Kushinagar Ramabhar where he spent two years under the trees for his construction.
Whatever places have been written are still present in one form or the other, there is no doubt that whatever evidence is available in Pali literature on the history table, he would have believed that this was the path of Lord Buddha’s arrival, this is confirmed by Dr. Shyamsundar Singh. It has been confirmed by the long search done by the evidence of which is still located at Virbhari Tila Usmanpur..


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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest Airport is Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, which is approximately 20 Kilometers from Bailey

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The nearest Railway Station is Deoria Sadar, approx 50 Kilometres from Bailey

By Road

To reach this Place Auto-rickshaws and by own convenes. Roadways buses are also running from Kushinagar and Deoria and gorakhpur regularly.