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election news datewise

PAPER_CUTTING 1 & 2 jan 2012

PAPER_CUTTING 31 dec 2011

PAPER_CUTTING 30 dec 2011

election in news

News Details News Agency publishing date
campaign to add voters click here Dainik Jagaran 15/10/2011
make youth voter:DIOS click here Amar Ujala 15/10/2011
administration provide training to principals click here Hindustan 15/10/2011
emphesis on EPIC click here amar ujala 23/09/2011
gave instruction to BLOs click here Amar Ujala 23/09/2011
training has given to BLOs click here Rastriya sahara 23/09/2011
youth should be in voter list click here Dainik jagaran 23/09/2011
meeting of BLOs and supervisers click here Rastriya sahara 14/09/2011
inspection of siswa booth click here hindustan 08/09/2011
be attentive in rechecking click here dainik jagaran 08/09/2011
work should be done before deadline click here amar ujala 08/09/2011
meeting on rechecking of EROLL click here amar ujala 07/09/2011
22 BLOs are suspended click here Hindustan 04/09/2011
not left any voter click here amar ujala 03/09/2011
action must be taken on absent BLOs click here hindustan 02/09/2011
action on 43 BLOs click here Rastriya sahara 02/09/2011
political parties are responsible too click here dainik jagaran 31/08/2011
punishment for carelessness click here amar ujala 31/08/2011
training completion of ERO/AERO click here Rastriya sahara 29/08/2011
training provided to EROs click here amar ujala 29/08/2011
Appeal for 100 percent ID click here swantantra chetna 25/08/2011
campaign for rechecking of electoral roll click here Rastriya sahara 25/08/2011
campaign to add voter's name click here Swatantra chetna 20/08/2011

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