Selected Revenue Villages of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Samagra Gram Vikas Yojana 2012-13

S.No. Block Name Revenue Village Name
1 Kaptainganj Mahuawa Bujurg
2 Kaptainganj Mohan Mundera
3 Kasya Karmaini
4 Motichak Badhara Laxmipur
5 Motichak Sodhara
6 Motichak Narayanpur
7 Motichak Rajpur
8 Motichak Fard Mundera
9 Motichak Gaunariya
10 Motichak Langani
11 Motichak Nanhu Mundera
12 Hata Bhaisahi
13 Hata Deoriya Dehat
14 Hata Badhara
15 Hata Pipara Tiwari
16 Hata Chhitauni
17 Hata Lalipar
18 Padrauna Baijnathpur
19 Padrauna Barahaj
20 Padrauna Prasadpur
21 Padrauna Sekhwaniya Khurd
22 Ramkola Kathghrahi
23 Ramkola Barwa sthan
24 Ramkola Kusmahi
25 Ramkola Dhanauji Mafi
26 Ramkola Dharmauli
27 Sukrauli Motipakar Srikant
28 Sukrauli Bhagwanpur Khurd
29 Sukrauli Jagdishpur
30 Sukrauli Pipara Humel
31 Sukrauli Dumari Malao
32 Sukrauli Pipara

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