Genda Singh Sugarcane Breeding & Research Institute, Seorahi-KushinagarGenda Singh Sugarcane Breeding & Research Institute


Sugarcane occupies a pivotal position in the economy of Kushinagar. It is one of the important food- cum - commercial crops. In view of having a large area under sugarcane cultivation, in 1975, Sugarcane Breeding Centre was set up at Seorahi (Kushinagar) which was upgraded as Genda Singh Sugarcane Breeding and  Research Institute  in 1987.

G.S.S.B.R. Institute, since its establishment, has been playing an active role in the development and release of new sugarcane varieties suitable for the agro-climatic zone of the eastern U.P. and Bihar. It has successfully released about twenty four varieties till date. The major objective of this institute is to evolve improved varieties of sugarcane besides basic and applied research in Genetics, Cytogenetics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Agricultural, Soil and Pesticide Chemistry, Agronomy, Pathology, Entomology, Extension and Biometrical aspects of Sugarcane.


Raising of seedling through bed  Newly released variety of Sugarcane


Tissue Culture is still the thrust area and utilization of this technique for sugarcane improvement is in progress, but the major emphasis is on rapid clonal multiplication of newly released varieties through meristem culture.


For the first time in history of sugarcane breeding, a new method of hybridization "Modified Lantern Technique" was developed at Seorahi, which made it possible to develop high sugared, high yielding and disease resistant varieties by implementing desired crossing programme in U.P. 


                           Lantern method of raising of sugarcane seed


The extension activities and research programmes are therefore directed towards these objectives to cater the needs of sugarcane growers and sugar industries.

Note : For further information / queries,   please contact Sh. R.R. Singh, Joint Director, G.S.S.B.R. Institute, Seorahi (Kushinagar). Ph. no. 05564-62028(Off.), 62024 (Res.)