Location, Area and Boundaries

Kushinagar,  situated at  53 kms   east from Gorakhpur on the National Highway -28,  lies between lattitude 26 45 N and 83 24 E. The district head-quarters is  Padrauna,   71 Kms from Gorakhpur  and 336 Kms  from Lucknow. It  is a  terai   area  covering the geographical area of 2873.5 Sq. km.  It is bounded by districts - Mahrajganj in the west, Gorakhpur in the southern- west , Deoria in the south and Bihar state in the east.

Disttrict Map of Gorakhpur


How to Reach

Air :    Air strip of U.P. Civil  Aviation  is  available  in Kasia,  5 km. from  Kushinagar.   Also,  Air   Force  Station  Aerodrome is 46  Km. from  Kushinagar  where landing and taking off  facilities  are allowed with due permission  of the Air Force.

Roadways :   Kushinagar is well connected with motorable roads and have regular bus -service . Frequent  road-transport  is  available from  Gorakhpur ( 51 Km)   as well as from Deoria (35 Km). 

Rail :   Padrauna,   district head-quarter, is linked with metre-gauge railway  line from Gorakhpur.  Nearest railway stations for reaching Kushinagar are Gorakhpur Railway Station (51 km) and  Deoria  (35 Km).  Gorakhpur  is well  connected  with  all   major cities of India and it has computer- reservation facility. Details of Important trains connecting Gorakhpur  is given below :

Gorakhpur is the main terminus for Kushinagar

Train No.

Name of Train



  Buddha Parikrama Express Kalka Kolkatta
2554 Vaishali Express N. Delhi Barauni
4674 Shaheed Express Amritsar Darbhanga
5208 Amrapali Express Amritsar Barauni
5087 Amarnath Express Gorakhpur Jammu Tawi
5651 Lohit Exp. Guwahati Jammu Tawi
5047 Purvanchal Exp. Gorakhpur Howrah
3020 Bagh Express Kathgodam Howrah
5012 Rapti Sagar Express Gorakhpur Cochin
5092 Gkp. Bangalore Exp. Gorakhpur Bangalore
5090 Gkp.-Secunderabad Exp. Gorakhpur Secunderabad
1016 Kushinagar Exp.    Gorakhpur Kurla(Mumbai)
5046 Gkp.-Ahmedabad Exp. Gorakhpur Ahmedabad


Sabarmati Express Muzaffarpur Ahmedabad


Guide Map

 Guide Map of Kushinagar