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Candidate Election Expenditure Details Lok Sabha GE-2014

1 Rajesh Pandey alias Guddu"E" Bhartiya Janta Party
2 Kr. R.P.N. Singh Indian National Congress
3 Dr. Sangam Mishra Bahujan Samaj Party
4 Radhey Shyam Singh Samajwadi Party
5 Kashim Ali Peace Party
6 Ramdhani Desh Bhakt Nirman Party
7 Ram Pratap Jantadal (United)
8 Markandey Bahujan Mukti Party
9 Amiruddin Apanadal United Party
10 Akhand Aam Aadmi Party
11 Arvind Swaraj (J)
12 Zahid Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party
13 Bacchoolal Most Backword Classes of India
14 Gobardhan Prasad Socialist Party (India)

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